Content Marketing


‘Content’ covers everything from blogs and photos, to videos, infographics, and animation. It provides your prospects, your customers, and the search engines with a reason to take interest in your site.

Like all good things, that means it needs to be of good quality, irresistible, beautifully presented, and a joy to consume.


They say one word can change someone’s entire day. The right words, in the right place within your website and marketing materials, can influence both search engine results and sales.

If they are to be attractive and add value, the words you use should always be crafted with care – and a sizeable dose of knowledge.

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Data and information are not always exciting, memorable or easy to understand. But with a little bit of love, and a dash of creativity, they can be.

In a world of information overload and shrinking attention spans, infographics represent the perfect fix. Eye-catching, fun, and easy to digest, they can drive a point home in just a few seconds.

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Video Production & Marketing

Video is increasingly proving to be the biggest draw when it comes to content. Google loves it. YouTube is built on it. Chances are your customers and leads will devour it. It’s versatile, accessible, and relatable.

If you want to rank well with search engines, you’re going to need video. If you want to maximise the potential success of your marketing strategy, video will be an essential part of the content mix.

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Interactive Content

Help your clients and prospects to digest information by providing content that requires active participation. This could be anything that demands a decision from the viewer: e.g. a poll, contest, or assessment.

Delivering information in an active, compelling manner gives you the chance to make a memorable impression on your visitors – allowing them to have fun, while simultaneously building brand awareness.

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Animated Video

Animation commands the viewer’s attention and provides a powerful vehicle for delivering ideas in a way that’s unique to video formats, due to its limitless creative potential. As a graphical format, it’s not held back by the limitations or costs of special effects or live actors.

From tools and processes, to complex scientific ideas and historical narratives – anything or anyone can be brought to life and explored through a well-designed animated sequence. Of course, ‘animation’ does not have to equate to ‘cartoon’: you can choose from several different styles of animation to suit your brand.

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