Developing a business is a bit like developing a new town. It needs solid foundations and a powerful, but sustainable, infrastructure. It has to be accessible for everyone, easy to navigate, and have all the essential amenities and room to grow.

However, it also needs to be a place that provides an engaging and compelling experience, which will encourage retention and cause those who come for something to return.

Responsive Design

The last decade has seen a revolutionary change in habits. Most people now use their phone or tablet regularly to find information or to buy things.

Responsive websites are the new industry standard. They are the only way to ensure your clients can find, access and use your website wherever they are and whenever they like.

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eCommerce Websites

From when a customer first searches for an item, to when they make a purchase and require follow-up service, your e-commerce offering is there to lead your customer through the sales process, providing them with reassurance and  all the information they need.

It’s not just about selling: a good e-commerce website understands the people visiting the site, and provides a great customer experience.

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CMS Management

CMS management takes many forms: from SEO, managing your website infrastructure and stock, to the regular publication of content and updates. The smooth running and consistent management of your website also takes a measure of expertise and a dedicated amount of time.

Our CMS management team excel at ‘back-end’ operations. They will make sure your website always runs smoothly.

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App Development

Most people check their phones at least every 12 minutes. If you’ve developed your own branded app, clients will consistently be reminded of your business during their day.

It’s a powerful way to provide them with extra value. At the same time, an app provides you with valuable data about your user base.

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API Integration

There will be times when you need to innovate quickly, for example when switching your entire business model to an online one. There will also be times when you need to improve your systems.

These are just two of the scenarios when API integration can make a difference. The process allows you to connect different apps in a way that hasn’t been done previously.

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